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Swagelok raw materials

Certificates as a guarantee of quality 

Swagelok® products are available with the most common material certificates in accordance with EN 10204, as well as industry- and product-category-specific certificates in accordance with several industry standards. 

The purpose of material certificates is to guarantee the quality and traceability of materials and to meet industry-specific requirements.

The most common certificates for our products are material certificates according to the European metal product standard EN 10204; 2.1, 2.2 and 3.1. Material certificates are ordered separately with the product.

You should inquire about the material certificate from our customer service when you requested for the quotation because the need for a material certificate for each product can affect the product ordering process. For example, for pressure gauges, a product must be selected that contains a material certificate product code and cannot be requested after it has been purchased.  In these exceptional cases, a material certificate is provided with the product.

 The material certificates are mainly delivered within a week of the delivery of the product by e-mail provided by the customer.
Our sales and customer service will help you choose the right material certificates.