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Swagelok Helsinki

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Semiconductor Industry

ultra-high purity manufacturing and custom solutions for semiconductor industry

Semiconductor industry - superior performance for processes demanding purity and precision

Continuous improvement and quality are the key parts of our customer promise. In the semiconductor industry, corrosive chemicals and gases, high temperatures, and accuracy requirements in critical process variables are associated with increasing efficiency requirements, reproducibility, and purity.

Swagelok® products are ideal for applications in the semiconductor industry due to our high-quality materials, durability, corrosion resistance and purity properties. Products in the semiconductor industry are mostly made of silicon wafers, plastics, glasses and various ceramics. This process is done by transferring metals and metal oxides to surfaces in the vapor phase into thin films, even a few atomic- layer thick. A typical coating method is CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and its variations. ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition); developed as an industrial process in Finland, is a variant of vapor phase coating, in which thin films can be built in multi-dimensional substrate structures.

ALD technology is currently the foundation of many other industry applications. The methods of the semiconductor industry can be used to manufacture end-products like microchips, LED and OLED products, battery technology, components for solar energy products, applications in the pharmaceutical industry and artificial joint technology, producing fiber optic technology for various target groups and coating metals such example is in the jewelry industry.

For domestic semiconductor operators that use process materials and systems that demand long service life in repetitive interval processes, we can offer assemblies and components for very high-purity processes and challenging environments where corrosive, flammable or crystallizing substances occurs. Most processes in the semiconductor industry operate at the high vacuum for which 100% tested Swagelok® valves are designed to operate.

At our premises in Vantaa, we also perform assembly and orbital welding work in our “clean room”. Our technical expert can tell more about our “Cleanliness Chain” commitment in which is adhered from raw materials to final assemblies.

Swagelok aims to continuously develop its own production processes, such as “passivation” and electropolishing, in order to achieve the highest possible level of material purity. Swagelok also develop continuously new innovative products for the semiconductor industry.

Swagelok products that are well-suited for processes in the semiconductor industry include ALD diaphragm valves, which have undergone more than 100 million test cycles, DE series non-spring diaphragm valves, DRP series fluoropolymer valves and Swagelok® VCR and Micro-Fit connectors, which are industry reference products.



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