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Swagelok Helsinki

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Power Industry

Power industry - We strongly support future renewable and cleaner power generation solutions such as hydrogen and solar innovations

Energy industry - Swagelok Solutions for energy efficiency and a clean future

Did you know that our products can be found in almost every local electricity and heat production power plant in Finland? Our Swagelok components and services are used in analysis and optimization of the water cycle of power plants, fuel gas and temperature measurement systems, automation, control systems, general gas & vapor transport and control systems.

Swagelok solutions also meet the most important standards, including ASME Section III and B16.34, and have excellent gas-tight connectivity, vibration and corrosion resistance and are also widely used in Finnish nuclear power generation systems.

Based on our values, we are strongly supporting renewable and cleaner energy production solutions of the future, such as hydrogen and solar energy innovations.

With the right products and installations, we can drastically improve operations by reducing emissions which can make a significant contribution to the productivity, safety and responsiveness of power plants.

We provide services that can be utilized to survey a system's condition, optimize safety and productivity. We also train personnel to equipped them the knowledge to implement safer and more energy-efficient systems.

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