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Hydrogen economy

Hydrogen economy - Swagelok brings uncompromising and reliable performance to electric fuel technology

Low molecular weight but energy efficient hydrogen requires high-pressure resistance of special leak-tight applications and high quality, properly selected component materials. Swagelok offers a wide range of system components for different types of hydrogen applications in the energy industry, vehicle application and infrastructure for every hydrogen production, transport, compression, storage and cylinder filling.
In addition to components suitable for hydrogen systems, we can offer a range of services to complement successful application solutions for the clean energy production of the future.

  • Hydrogen is the most common element in the world, but it does not occur anywhere on Earth as such, and all the hydrogen used must be produced.
  • Of all the fuels, hydrogen has the most energy per unit mass and burns completely emission-free. A kilo of hydrogen contains almost three times the amount of energy compared to a kilo of petrol or diesel.
  • The density of hydrogen is very low, so its storage requires special configurations. A small molecule tends to penetrate through even steel.
  • When in gaseous state, it is stored at a pressure of up to 700 bar.
  • Liquefaction is also possible but requires a temperature of -253 degrees Celsius (° C).

In the future of energy system, hydrogen helps to balance fluctuations in energy production and consumption, and it will make it possible to increase solar and wind power and other renewable energy sources in the energy system.

Power-to-X - Fuels from water and carbon dioxide

With the so-called power-to-X technology (P2X), renewable electrical energy can be converted into hydrogen, other fuels and even chemicals and materials. This results in fuels that can be used when direct use of electrical energy as such is difficult.

The core technology of Power-to-X is electrolysis; electrochemical production of hydrogen from water.

Power-to-X will enable the transition to fully renewable energy without the need to make significant changes to existing energy production and industry. By utilizing industrial CO2 emissions as a raw material, power-to-X technologies can even turn the problem into a solution.

Swagelok® products for vehicle applications and infrastructure

Sustainable development and environmental considerations are driving the vehicle industry to increasingly cleaner emission solutions. Safety, reliability and range are important objectives in the development of P2X fuels for the use of transport solutions.

Swagelok offers several product lines with properties that are particularly well suited for hydrogen systems due to their leak tight applications, material compatibility, vibration and high-pressure resistance. The choice of materials has considered that some metals and elastomers are susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement.

Swagelok product lines include EC-79 certified products for vehicle applications as well as hydrogen vehicle infrastructure. Infrastructure applications include electrolysis systems, compressors, pressurized hydrogen storage solutions, separators, pressure regulators and dispensers. In these locations, the components must be suitable for hydrogen use, even if they do not require certified products. EC-79 certified products are based on the nominal pressure of either H35 or H70 pressure classes. All products are tested and certified for MAWP pressure class.




Swagelok products which are suitable for hydrogen systems:

Swagelok Custom Solutions® assembly configurations such as filling, distribution, priority and control panels
VCO® O-Ring Face Seal Fittings
VCR® Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings
FK Series Fittings and Tubes
IPT Series Cone and Thread Fittings
AFS Series Ball Valves
Pressure Gauges
Thread Fittings
Hoses; Series FJ, FL, FM, FX

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