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Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

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Chemical and Petrochemical Industry - Solutions for Quality Process Control in demanding conditions

Swagelok® product groups offer a wide range of solutions for production facilities where system temperatures and pressures are high. In addition, fluids such as liquids and gases that are highly corrosive, hazardous and explosive.

Swagelok components and ready-to-install solutions can be found in analytical, process or systems instrumentation which supports the operation of mechanical seals for rotating equipment in chemical production plants. The chemical industry as a sector covers the production of petrochemicals agrochemicals, paints and plastics.

We can offer ready-to-install solutions to the domestic chemical industry for applications such as sampling collection, differential pressure measurement, mechanical seal support systems, and other standardized configurations according to customer's specifications requirements. With our high-quality solutions and services, trainings in installation and product selection, we can make significant contributions to the cost-effectiveness of production, plant safety and environmental issues, optimization of system operation, personnel competencies and the correct allocation of resources.

The chemical industry is responsible for a large part of the production of raw materials for other industries and enables the bio- and recycling economy. With Swagelok solutions and components, we can make significant contributions to the customer's energy efficiency, minimize emissions, and environmental responsibility in all aspects of the production of raw materials.

Special materials suitable for process materials in chemical industry include e.g. 316 / 316L stainless steel, 2507 Super Duplex (ferritic austenitic steels), 6Mo (super austenitic steel containing at least 6% molybdenum), CrNiTi and CrNiMoTi steels or titanium stabilized steels (titanium alloys), Alloy 600 (Inc), Alloy 600 (Inc) Inconel® 625), Alloy 825 (Incoloy® 825) Hastelloy® alloy C-276.


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