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Swagelok Helsinki

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Biopharmaceutical Industry - Solutions for challenging chemicals and sterile processes

Bio-pharmacy researches on drugs and medicines, their properties and different forms and beneficial effects in humans and animals, as well as the manufacturing.

Several Swagelok® product lines and services are well-suited to systems for industry-challenging fluids and sterile processes. Products for the biopharmaceutical industry are highly resistant to acids, solvents, high pressure and process temperatures and their variation. Product lines meet industry-standards such as FDA, USP, ASME-BPE and 3-A and are in accordance with the requirements of the third-party inspection.

The design of the products has focused on cleanability of the product; for example, aseptic connectors and components of the Swagelok TS® series. These are shaped from the seals so that the accumulation of liquid and bacteria in the processes is minimized and the system is cleaned or sterilized as easily as possible.

Another biopharmaceutical product is the Swagelok® DR Series Radial Diaphragm Valve, which provides a cleaner and more compact way to control sterile process material flows. The DR series valve minimizes clogging areas, drains and flushes easily and maximizes tightness despite temperature fluctuations (thermal cycling). It offers a long-life cycle for process applications with CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) systems.

At our premises in Vantaa, we can also do clean room assemblies and orbital welding for industries that require clean processes. Check out the rest of our service offering in the links after the product information.