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Swagelok Helsinki

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Leak Detection Services

Swagelok Onsite Services - Leak Detection

Swagelok Helsinki also offers instrumentation expert services at the customer's own premises. Our Field Engineers can assist as customers additional resources for example gas and liquid systems analysis, consulting, risk management, leak detection, training, and field installations.

Swagelok Field Engineering Service provides unbiased instrumentation piping and systems inspection and consulting services at the customers site. In the Leak Detection, we review the condition of pressurized liquid and gas systems for safety and productivity. 


Acoustic Imaging Camera leak detection for challenging systems positions

In addition to the manual leak test of system connections, we can also go through the entire gas system using leak detection camera for monitoring annual leakage in the system and easily survey systems where access to connections is difficult.

The camera is showing data promptly about leakage points in the gas systems with pressures above 3 bar. Measurements can be made from a distance as far as 15 m, so Fluke allows leakage survey from inaccessible connections such as high trunk lines.

The camera can also continue to capture leak data and saved in a report. This data reporting allows easy identification of possible leaks for future maintenance.

Our service package includes: 

  • On-site visit to the customers facility.

  • A realistic budget and implementation schedule based on the size and complexity of the site.

  • During on-site inspection, sealing of improvement locations are tagged without disrupting the production process.

  • Comprehensive report containing details of improvements with the accurately identifying its part numbers.

  • Planning a maintenance program.

  • Follow-up inspection

A well-maintained pipeline increases safety, productivity, process quality and prevents unnecessary downtime and consequential effects. 

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• Hose Advisory Services, hose registration and maintenance strategy creation
• Analysis and consulting of sampling systems
• Analysis and consulting of gas distribution systems
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• Challenging component choices, oxygen solutions and material knowledge
• Field installations

Contact our Field Services Specialist, Janne Räty by phone +358 9 777 1110 or by email