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Swagelok Helsinki

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Swagelok Hose Advisory Service


Swagelok Hose Advisory Services

We provide an unbiased evaluation and advisory service for hoses and hose connections at the customer’s facility.
In Hose Advisory Services we go through the plant’s hose connections and hoses as required by the customer and create a database for hose register and maintenance plan. 

In addition, we provide our customers with Swagelok’s comprehensive expertise, industry’s best practices and system development advice. 

Our service package includes: 

• On-site inspection of hoses, fittings and hose connections for safety, optimization and cost savings.
• Hose inspection and consulting work is performed by a Swagelok certified and approved field engineer to ensure the performance of Swagelok product’s high-quality standards.
• Comprehensive report on hose condition and maintenance plan.
• Registration of hose part numbers for easy monitoring.
• Cost savings in human resources and special tools.

Well-maintained systems guarantee the highest productivity, process quality and occupational safety.

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