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Gas Distribution Systems

Swagelok Gas Distribution Systems®

Swagelok offers custom-made gas distribution systems for the various stages of gas distribution processes.

Gas distribution systems can be designed specifically to complement the customer's system. The systems are delivered pre-assembled and tested. The design of Swagelok gas distribution systems has its primary concern in gas handling safety, the user-friendly application and practicality.

The gas distribution system is divided into four different types of subsystems:

Swagelok Source Inlet® (SSI)
Swagelok Gas Panel® (SGP)
Swagelok Changeover® (SCO)
Swagelok Point-of-use® (SPU)

 Swagelok┬« Gas Distribution Evaluation and Advisory Services

Swagelok Source Inlet (SSI)

The Swagelok Source Inlet (SSI) establishes the connection between the gas source and the distribution system. The system allows gas to be safely fed to a pressure regulator or automatic gas source converter. At its simplest form, the gas supply system can be a gas cylinder and a hose assembly or an assembly of several cylinders and a manifold.
Swagelok Source Inlet

Swagelok Gas Panel (SGP)

The Swagelok Gas Panel ensures that gas is delivered from the source to the system at the right pressure and flow rate. The pressure is reduced by either one or two-stage pressure regulators.


Swagelok Changeover (SCO)

The Swagelok Changeover semi-automatic system seamlessly switches from one gas source to another point in the system to ensure uninterrupted supply. This is achieved by the incremental operation of two pressure regulators, allowing the system to continue to operate during the change of primary gas source. Our changeover station allows for custom changeover set points to help reduce wasted gas left in cylinders.

Swagelok Point-of-Use (SPU)

The point-of-use system provides the critical last stage of pressure control prior to
the gas being used. Of the four gas handling subsystems, this is usually the simplest system, typically including a pressure regulator, gauge, and isolation valve. Access point pressure control provides the user with a precise method for adjusting the pressure according to the user’s requirements.
System security is maximized by using high-quality components, minimal number of connections and its practicality.

Swagelok Gas Distribution Evaluation and Advisory Services®

In connection with gas distribution systems, we offer a wide range of services to increase the safe selection and use of equipment and to reduce the customer's own resources.

• Gas system evaluation and consulting at the customer's premises locally or virtually
• Gas system panel design, assembly, and installation services
• Swagelok Training® on product selection, installation and use of gas and liquid systems
• Leakage studies, troubleshooting and risk analyzes of gas systems
• Gas system hose surveys and maintenance consulting


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Published 30.7.2021