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Swagelok Helsinki

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Our Values

Our values - 6 core values in which our operations are based on

Swagelok® products and operations are based on strong value-based operating principles. In Swagelok Helsinki, same value-based principles are found in its corporate culture.

Swagelok organizations are guided by 6 value concepts that guide key strategic decisions and in its day-to-day operations. 

Swagelok's Value Wheel illustrates the core of our operating culture.


Swagelok Value Wheel

We strive for the highest possible quality of products and services. Through our quality policy, we strive to improve reliability, safety and cost savings.

Our goal is to provide our customers with sustainable development, environmental protection and societal growth. The quality of our products and manufacturing processes allow for a longer product life cycle, increased plant safety and less environmental impact. We strive to engage in a transparent and equal approach to our stakeholders and our community in our operations.

We value our colleagues, customers and stakeholders by striving for equality, mutual trust and respect. We are proud of our strong team spirit, which is best valued by our customers, stakeholders and community.

The needs of our customers are the basis of our business. We provide customers with professional and quality service. Our goal is to understand our customer’s needs and to act upon them. Our mission is to be the best holistic expert for the customer.

Continuous innovation in new services, products and processes, we aim to be the preferred business associate and to have a better working relationship with our customer. Our corporate management encourages new ideas from every stakeholder enabling a potential growth platform for innovation and development.

As an individual and as an organization, we develop ourselves and our professional skills so we can support our customers in the rapidly changing working environment and competitiveness for the future.

With our commitment to high quality and personal service using the product, we create a warm atmosphere in our work community. Check out our brochure link below, which allows our team members to visibly describe our values in practice on a daily basis.


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